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BONUS: Behind Podcast Hosting & Interviewing Professionals | feat. Elle Overholt


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Host interviewing host! Elle Overholt hosts a show called ‘So… What do you do?‘, and Peyton Thompson hosts ‘The Careers Cast‘; they’re joining forces today for this fun bonus episode on what it’s like to interview working professionals and help their audience answer the million dollar questions “What am I supposed to do with my life?”

These women talk about what the best parts of interviewing their incredible guests are, how the flow of the shows are built to answer burning questions the listeners have, and where these intimate conversations showcase the ins and outs of the vast array of possibilities of what occupation options are out there in the world and even entrepreneurial endeavors someone can build for themselves that fulfill a purpose, passion, and need in the world!


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Elle Overholt

As ‘a student of the professional world’, Elle Overholt is paying it forward with her knowledge and experience to bridge the gap for young job seekers on the ins and outs of landing an offer letter that matches their interests, strengths, skills set, and career aspirations. Founder of Forth LLC, she’s taught thousands of students and young adults proven methodologies on how to advocate for themselves in the job search from beginning to end and provided unique opportunities to network with companies seeking great talent through her platform. Elle’s also worked with various organizations including several collegiate and business organizations to develop their hiring operations such as Shell, Chick-fil-A, LSU, Mississippi and Louisiana Association of Colleges and Employers, Atlanta’s Break Into Business non-profit, Baton Rouge Area Chamber, and more.

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BONUS: Behind Podcast Hosting & Interviewing Professionals | feat. Elle Overholt

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