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CC003: Longest-Serving Principal in the US | feat. Wayne Warner


Show Notes

Have you ever wondered what your school teachers, administration, and staff do behind the scenes? The short answer: a lot!

There’s about 1,000,004 things (give or take 100) that take place daily to make sure each individual student has the best possible experiences and academic opportunities at your institution. From planning the yearly budget to serving every grade lunch to mapping bus routes to coordinating athletics to enhancing learning tools to cultivating school spirit, we interviewed Principal Wayne Warner on all of the above and much more to provide a humbling overview of the impressive work that goes into each school year.

Principal Warner is the longest-standing high school principal in the United States, and the class of 2023 marks his 50th year of serving at Chalmette High School! This episode with the beloved and honorable principal will make you want to write your own school faculty and staff to thank them for all of the hard and selfless work they do every day to give you the education of a lifetime.

Furthermore, maybe you’ve considered life as teacher or in school administration? Principal Warner provides credit to his team and exposure to the requirements and important considerations for coming together successfully with other faculty and staff while also instilling meaningful lessons and good principles (sorry, we had to) for students to take with them throughout their academic and professional careers.

Tune in to our conversation plus some famous ‘Words of Wisdom’ on your favorite podcasting platform today!



You’ll Learn:

  • About the role as a high school principal to students, teachers, administration, and parents
  • About financial, logistic, and hiring responsibilities of school administrators
  • Building a wholesome culture where people feel proud to be a part of
  • Paths to get to and stay sharp in the role
  • Ways to contribute to your own alma maters
  • Navigating hard times
  • Resources for developing your school and community as a principal



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Wayne Warner

Wayne Warner is the United States’ longest-serving High School Principal, with this year’s class of 2023 marking his 50th year as principal at Chalmette High School in Louisiana. He began his career at Chalmette High in 1966 as the school librarian (22 years old), eventually becoming a Social Studies teacher, and was named to be the succeeding principal in 1973 (29 years old). Humbly thinking others’ were more qualified for the position, his tenure has proven to him to be just the man for the job and an integral part of the school’s history and success over the years, including the leading through the transition from all boys to co-ed, the recovery and rebuild after Hurricane Katrina, and the exponential rise of digital and technological innovation. He is a beloved family-man and pillar in the St. Bernard community.

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