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AQ005: Career Prep Series – Applying & Interviewing for THE Job | feat. Elle Overholt


Show Notes

Feeling overwhelmed by the job hunt? Say no more. Grab a cup of coffee and a notebook and turn the volume all the way up on this one; you’ll want to remember these strategies when it’s your turn to step up to the plate!

Today’s guest, Elle Overholt provides her expertise on just what you needed to hear before applying and interviewing for a job, with proven strategies on how to make a great impression and get that offer letter.

As Elle says, “at the end of the day, it’s people hiring people“. Sometimes, the job application and interview process doesn’t seem that way, so from end-to-end, we interviewed Elle to bring it back to the basics on how, when, and what to do to position yourself as a qualified candidate that checks all the boxes for recruiters. From networking to referrals to interview prep to attire to body language to negotiating salary, Elle articulates how to set yourself up for success so that when it’s game time, it’s an easy ‘W’ for you and your future employer!

Curious about more 1-on-1 coaching with Elle? Checkout Forth’s website and social channels under her bio!


You’ll Learn:

  • Best protocol for how and who to network with
  • What is and how to form the ‘perfect’ ask to connect with new professionals
  • 3 Questions you need to answer before applying to any job
  • Where you should apply to jobs
  • Several ‘magic’ tricks to bring down your anxiety and lift positive emotions before an interview
  • Creating your ‘power’ suit
  • Prepping for an interview
  • Routine to follow the night before and morning of an interview
  • Best practices for in-person vs online interviews
  • What NOT to do or say in an interview
  • When and how to negotiate salary with data
  • How to close and follow up an interview
  • Wise words and a lesson about ‘hustling’


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Elle Overholt

As ‘a student of the professional world’, Elle Overholt is paying it forward with her knowledge and experience to bridge the gap for young job seekers on the ins and outs of landing an offer letter that matches their interests, strengths, skills set, and career aspirations. Founder of Forth LLC, she’s taught thousands of students and young adults proven methodologies on how to advocate for themselves in the job search from beginning to end and provided unique opportunities to network with companies seeking great talent through her platform. Elle’s also worked with various organizations including several collegiate and business organizations to develop their hiring operations such as Shell, Chick-fil-A, LSU, Mississippi and Louisiana Association of Colleges and Employers, Atlanta’s Break Into Business non-profit, Baton Rouge Area Chamber, and more.

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