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AQ003: Career Prep Series – Cover Letters | feat. Tasheera Duggan


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Are cover letters necessary? And, if they are, what do you write in them? It’s a little taboo, so we asked an expert.

Checkout our interview with Tasheera Duggan, Career Strategist and Founder of Professional Resume Writing Services to answer when you need to write a cover letter and what a good cover letter looks like. From top to bottom, Tasheera lays out a concise checklist of all of the key components recruiters seek as well as unique ways to have your paper stand out in the stack. Can we say heck yea!

Tune in for our conversation to bring your story to life in a compelling and professional way to get you closer to that job interview.

Want one-on-one help? Checkout Tasheera’s services below.

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Tasheera Duggan

Tasheera Duggan is Career Strategist and Founder of Professional Resume Writing Services, supporting those pursuing their next job role to be the best possible candidate! From a calling that started in high school, Tasheera built her own organization and has become a highly sought out expert in career advisory and preparation, having completed over 3,000 resumes and cover letters, 600 career prep workshops and mock interviews, and countless LinkedIn profiles. Might we add, her clients have an extremely high call-back and customer satisfaction rate! She’s also a dedicated philanthropist, especially around initiatives in education.

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