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CC006: Dietetics & Evidence-Based “Food Therapy” | feat. Jade Palmisano


Show Notes

Want to learn more about what working with a dietician could look like for your health goals? Join our conversation with Registered Dietician and founder of Natural Nola, Jade Palmisano, where we dive into the ins and outs of dietetics, nutrition, meal prep programs, and entrepreneurship!

From meal prepping for NFL players to community-based healthy meal delivery programs and personalized counseling, Jade shares her experience and professional approach for solutioning meal regimens with her clients to obtain and maintain long-term success.

*BONUS* We were lucky enough to sit down with Jade for a second conversation where she provides professional, beyond valuable practices to apply healthy habits in your life today! You are going to want to get your pen and paper out for that one, and run, don’t walk – check it out on The AQ: AQ006: Professional Holistic Health Tips You Can Implement TODAY!


You’ll Learn:

  • The difference between Dietetics & Nutrition careers
  • Entrepreneurship vs hospital career paths
  • Insight into the undergrad curriculum, degrees, and internship requirements for dietetics
  • Options for dietetics and specialties in the field to solution custom client protocals
  • The emotional and mental ‘therapy’ responsibilities of dieticians
  • Skills, processes, tools, and best practices to set a new candidate up for success
  • The value and reward of supporting clients to reach their health goals through nourishing foods
  • Why ‘fad’ diets should be thoroughly researched before diving in head first


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Jade Palmisano

In a serendipitous experience of finding the power of quality recipe ingredients, Jade Palmisano developed a deep passion for nutrition, which ignited the spark to pay it forward for others to have a chance to understand and own their health optimally too. Jade is a Registered Dietician in New Orleans and the founder of Natural Nola, including personalized counseling and nutritious meal program services. From meal prepping for NFL players to community-based and personalized holistic diet counseling, Jade solutions meal regimens for her clients to obtain and maintain long-term success. She is also a member of the entrepreneur groups of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as well as the New Orleans Association of Nutrition and Dietetics.

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