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CC004: Occupational Therapy | feat. Taylor Gonsoulin, OTR/L


Show Notes

There is an ancient Japanese practice of Kintsugi, repairing broken pottery with gold, and it stems from this philosophy that the piece become more beautiful after having been broken and healed with grace. Join our discussion about a profession that metaphorically takes this practice to a new level, not with pottery but with people.

Learn more about the therapy of the whole person – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual – from “womb to tomb”. In our interview with Taylor Gonsoulin, OTR/L PRN, we discuss the beautifully dynamic and multi-faceted career of Occupational Therapy.

Taylor gives a wholistic picture of the profession in various different settings, and as a PRN, Taylor brings us through her personal experience and testament for the different therapy fields coming together to create treatment plans working in the neurological rehabilitation units of a hospital with brain and spinal chord injury patients to working with babies to meet their growth milestones.

If you’ve ever been interested in therapy work, you will want to listen to what this field has to offer. Trust us on it, we were humbled and honored to do an interview on what this field of professionals do for the world.


You’ll Learn: 

  • About the role as an OT to patients
  • About financial, logistic, and scheduling responsibilities of PRNs vs full-time employees
  • Building your skillset and rapport as a specialist with CEUs
  • Local and National OT organizations to get involved and share knowledge
  • Ways to contribute to your community beyond a job
  • The intersection of therapies for treatment plans
  • Resources for developing yourself further in this field


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Taylor Gonsoulin

Taylor Gonsoulin is licensed and registered Occupational Therapist. She is specializing in 2 areas, including the neurological rehabilitation in and outpatient units in a New Orleans hospital for traumatic brain and spinal chord injuries as well as with Louisiana’s Early Steps program for home health pediatrics with infants ages 0-3 to reach behavioral, social, and physical milestones. Taylor also volunteers her time and expertise at the Eden House in New Orleans for human-tracking survivors, is a member of the Louisiana OT Association (LOTA), and continuously grows her mind and skillset with books, courses, and local engagements that will make her the best health care provider she can be for her patients.

Learn more about how journeys in Occupational Therapy on the AOTA Website.
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CC004: Occupational Therapy | feat. Taylor Gonsoulin, OTR/L

Learn more about the therapy of the whole person – mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual – from ‘womb to tomb’. In our interview with Taylor ...
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