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CC002: Creating a Sustainable Swimsuit Brand from Scratch | feat. Veronica Droulia


Show Notes

Have you ever had a dream or vision for your own clothing brand? Want to know what it takes to build an apparel brand from scratch? We’re talking with Veronica Droulia, Co-Founder of NOA The Collective on how to make that dream come to life.

From sustainable fabric to manufacturing to design to company foundations, we’re jumping into the process Veronica and her partners created that made a speedy name for themselves in a saturated space, all while holding true to their integrity and core values. Did we mention they partner and incorporate designs based on collaborations with local New Orleans philanthropies that support various community improvement initiatives like glass recycling, fighting coastal erosion, and finding good homes for misplaced pets? Can we say super suits?!

Join our conversation where meaningful impact meets fashion to learn how you can build your own brand yourself and get some free words of encouragement to know that it’s possible to build your dreams and make a difference at the same time.

Is your swimsuit brand making a difference for the environment? Check out NOA The Collective’s newest products and philanthropy partners below.


You’ll Learn: 

  • About NOA company foundations and logistics
  • Developing a brand name and personality
  • Sustainable fashion fabric-sourcing and USA-based manufacturing and distribution
  • Incorporating philanthropy into product value proposition
  • Power of social media as a tool and networking to learn from those who have come before you
  • Miami and DC Swim Week
  • Importance of going after what you’re made to do


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Veronica Droulia

Veronica Droulia is a Co-Founder of NOA The Collective sustainable swimsuits, Founder and Business Coach for Content Confidante, and local DC foodie and business marketing partner, and then, even more! She is a multi-passionate, multi-talented entrepreneur who’s driven to make a difference in the world in fashion, driving growth for new and experienced business owners, and promoting unique opportunities that create better life experiences all over the US. Follow her social  accounts to keep up with the latest and greatest initiatives she’s stewarding in the world.

Follow today’s guest:

Find NOA The Collective’s latest products, news, and design inspirations from their New Orleans-based non-profit partners. Don’t forget to follow their social accounts on Instagram and TikTok.
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