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Personal Development

on image

Taylor, 25, Louisiana Give. Yourself. Grace. Don't compare yourself to models. Not everything you see is true.
Other Adult Stuff

on recovery

Taylor, 25, Louisiana don't forget that CHOOSING to let loose & have fun is just as important as working hard to achieve a grade on a test or finish your work

on parents

Taylor, 26, Louisiana don't ever forget how hard your parents have worked to give you everything you need.

on listening

Anna, 23, Louisiana listen to hear, not to speak

on dating

Erin, 26, Louisiana It's okay to not directly mirror your parents relationship! Pick and choose what works for you!

on inner circle

Madeline, 26, Louisiana Surround yourself with people who value you, who challenge you to be your best self, who show you love, and accept your love. Never stop looking inward and around you to learn who you are at your core!

on maintaining relationships

Tori, 26, Arizona It's a two-way street. Equal amount of effort needs to be put in by both parties!
Personal Development

on self-worth

Ernesto, 31, Michigan Invest in yourself - knowledge is power.

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