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on credit card bills

Taylor, 25, Louisiana ALWAYS pay your credit card off monthly. Never buy anything u don't already have $ for!!!!!
Money Management

on spending

Jaydip, 24, Arizona Budgeting is a must, but spend for what makes you happy and be frugal in what doesn't matter

on student loans

Erin, 26, Louisiana Ahh start paying your student loans while you’re in college if you can!!!! Interest is a [pain] lol
Money Management

on credit card bills

Sarah, 26, Texas always pay the full amount on your credit card bill

on income

Madison, 27, Louisiana Pay yourself first.
Mental Health

on therapy

Erin, 26, Louisiana just get a therapist - it's not embarrassing and you'll learn so much more about yourself!
Mental Health

on stress

Jaydip, 24, Arizona Don't stress about what is out of your control, and trust the process.
Mental Health

on grounding

Veronica, 25, D.C. find things that keep you grounded. Take time off social media. Learn to meditate, etc.

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