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Life & Career

AQ002: Career Prep Series – Resumes | feat. Tea Cooper

Feel unsure about your resume? Don’t worry, we’ve got a great episode with an expert who’s helped 1000s of people maximize the potential on this ...
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AQ001: Pilot + Intro

We’re changing the conversation on all the confusion of grown-up responsibilities and decisions one show at a time. If you’ve ever heard of IQ or ...
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A combination of spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional health conversations to optimize your exposure to creating the right regimen for yourself

On personal and professional development – everything from career to life prep for becoming more independent

Covering investments, debt, budgeting and everything in between to give you useful insight and tools for making more informed decisions for your finances

All the miscellaneous joys of adulthood we could all use some context on – from marriage to domesticities to moving to babies to voting, we’re going there


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